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Growing up is hard. It’s also inevitable. Friends who used to spend a lot of time per day, per week, per month at times only see each other a few times per year.

zZq is still a web of friendships, acquaintances, and bonds. Shared experiences are like glue that refuses to release, and in some cases, only gets stronger. I suppose it’s a bit like cement, which ingests Carbon Dioxide as it ages, increasing it’s strength in time.

Looking through old pictures from the early 200s I found some old Trasfires in which some 20 or more people had congregated in the backyard of a parent’s house, around a fire, chatting, making merry, and generally enjoying each other’s company.

It doesn’t happen like that anymore, and the cottonwood pile is nearly gone. Housewarming parties are more common. Wedding receptions too. Also, gatherings of friends in memory of another who has passed.

An on we go.